So apparently people read my blog...

You know who's awesome?


You know who's an asshole?


Let me explain...

About three months ago, I contacted the press rep for CocoRosie asking for an interview for The God Project (which is on indefinite hiatus due to lack of response). I never received a response and kind of forgot all about it. I mean, the ladies of CocoRosie are awesome and busy and nobody reads my blog, right?


This morning, before trotting off to work, I decided to update you, gentle readers, with some random interesting news concerning the music bizznass. This update may or may not have included some news about a certain Devendra Banhart dating a certain Natalie Portman. For those of you who recall, Devendra Banhart was, until quite recently, dating the lovely Bianca of CocoRosie.

Now I may or may not have said something along the lines of "Best rebound ever. Too bad for whichever pseudo-lesbian of CocoRosie he used to be dating."

Seriously, I'm an asshole. All day at work I was like "I have to take that down when I get home. It's offensive to lesbians AND CocoRosie, both of whom I have no issue with." Unfortunately, it was too late, as at about 2:30 I received the following email:

Hey Jocelyn --

I was just going to write you about a new single that CocoRosie has coming out that deals with the subject of God but then I noticed that you called Bianca a pseudo lesbian on the site today so... thanks for reaching out but I think it's best if we pass on this opportunity.

Best -


I mean really, guys, this situation is ridiculous. The ONE day that that line was ever on my blog, CocoRosie's press rep reads it and is like "Well F that S." I mean really, it's kind of hilarious. Also horrifying.

So, sorry Coco. And Rosie. You're not pseudo-lesbians. I'm sure you're wonderful people and you make really rad music. And I am just an asshole who has nothing better to do than make fun of people like Jens Lekman all day.

But really, it is kind of hilarious.



joe said...

well i forgive you

Jocelyn said...

Thanks, Joe.

kid entropia said...

too bad. but, well, you know. it happens. call it murphy´s law; call it the universe conspiring against you, whatever. but it´s nice to see that devendra is dating natalie. i´m sure their kids will be the coolest indie babies ever xD